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Batangas Festivals

One of the reasons why Batangas is worth any tourist's visit is the line-up of festivals all year round. Who would miss the merriest Parada ng Lechon of Balayan? Or the religious and cultural festivities that go along with Sublian Festival of Batangas City and Bauan? Festivals in Batangas are mostly celebration of a town's religious or cultural heritage and its bountiful produce. Often characterize by competitions such as street dancing, Batangas festivals manifest the locals' competitive spirit yet still strongly convey camaraderie and oneness.
And if you can't witness the rest of the festivals in Batangas as they happen, you can celebrate with the entire province in the grandest union of all festivals of the province, the Ala Eh! Festival which coincides with the foundation anniversary of Batangas.

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