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Sweetness Overload: Lian’s Toasted Meringue

Visit the Lian page for all information on Lian. Aside from frequenting Matabungkay beach, one of my fondest memories of Lian, Batangas when I was younger was finishing a pack of meringue all by myself. Because I can’t have enough, I’d get another one then hello, tooth fairy! Sakit sa …

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Passion Fruit: The Health Benefits of Taysan’s OTOP

Visit the Taysan, Batangaspage for all information on Taysan. When was the last time you’ve eaten passion fruit? The municipality of Taysan has the largest production of passion fruit in the province. Passion fruit brings back a lot of grade school memories as this is among the fruits na mabenta …

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Padre Garcia, Batangas Products

Visit the Padre Garcia, Batangas page for all information on Padre Garcia. Every inch of Padre Garcia, you’ll be greeted with cows. So, their primary product is everything that cow produces: milk and meat. Basically, the town promotes every produce of cow as a Cattle Trading Capital but “Tapang Baka” is their primary product, …

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