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Parada ng Lechon in Balayan, Batangas June 24, 2009

parada ng lechon or the roasted pig parade

BALAYAN, BATANGAS — Storm signal number 1 did not stop Balayan locals from celebrating the feast of St. John the Baptist and of course, the ever popular PARADA NG LECHON.

This year, Balayan is celebrating it’s 50th year of roasted pig parade tradition. Roughly 60 roasted pigs (covered with clear plastic) on wonderfully designed floats were paraded last June 24.

Varied businesses, institutions and organizations participated in Parada ng Lehon. They creatively brought these lechons to life as they dressed these roated pigs like super heroes, singers, nurses, students, and other popular icons.

swine-flu in parada ng lechon sa balayan, batangas

parada ng lechon and kapistahan ni san juan bautista sa Balayan, Batangas

zorro-lechon in balayan batangas

Balayan town proper was brimming with people. Tourists and onlookers seemed to mouth-water over the golden brown lechons passing before their eyes. Willy-nilly, people were able to munch over lechons after the long parade.

parada-ng-lechon balayan batangas

Meanwhile, since Parada ng Lechon tradition coincide with the Feast of Saint John the Baptist, bystanders shower and splash parade participants with water and vice versa. It is believed that by becoming drenched with water, people receive blessings just like the way Jesus received the blessings of the holy spirit after being baptized by St. John (San Juan Bautismo).

basaan sa parada ng lechon in balayan, batangas

Both local and national media were also present in the said festival of roasted pigs. Their gadgets like video cams, still cameras and cell phones were all covered with plastics or placed in water proof material.

media covering balayan fiesta

As expected, nobody was able to escape from water hoses and water guns. Even lolos, lolas and their apos were not free from the splashes and water showers. (They believed that these are blessings anyway.)

kids-ice-cream during parada ng lechon

Despite frequent rain showers brought about by Typhoon Feria, the basaan or bulingan continues all throught out the day leaving everyone wet and blessed.

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