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Batangas Beef Caldereta: The Secret to a Hearty Dish

Just the other day, the team had beef caldereta for lunch and it was such a satisfying meal to have when you’re too hungry and the weather’s still a bit cold.

What makes Batangas beef caldereta different from the usual caldereta? Our version of it does not use tomato sauce. The secret to a super tasty, creamy sauce is the combination of garlic and onion (loads of these two), butter or margarine, liver spread, and cheese! Plus a few chops of siling labuyo if you opt for that kick.

“Sabaw pa lang, ulam na” — this line is true for Batangas beef caldereta. Of course, you have to make the beef as tender as it can get so you can have the best ‘kalderetang bakang Batangas’ experience.

Here’s how to cook Batangas beef calredeta:

1. Marinade the beef in soy sauce and vinegar to make until desired tenderness. Set aside the marinated beef (suggested time to allot is 30 minutes).

2. Saute the generous mounds of garlic and onions in butter or margarine.

3. Add the beef into the sauteed ingredients. Mix to incorporate the garlic and onions to the beef.

4. Add enough amount of water and let it simmer until the beef is really tender.

5. When the sauce has thickened, add liver spread and let it simmer again for a few minutes.

Batangas Beef Calderata - how to cook6. Lastly, put in grated cheese (as much as desired), to add extra flavor and to make the sauce creamier.

If you want a spicy beef caldereta, just add some siling labuyo after the grated cheese. Oftentimes, my dad does not add any extender (potatoes, carrots, bell pepper) but a few green olives only. It may seem so simple but its really good as it is!

Oops, I forgot to take a picture of the beef caldereta that we had here in the office last Monday. Inserted photo is from our first Asian Flavours feature.

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  1. parang adodo lang? sibuyas, bawang, toyo, suka, margarine at cheese at reno lang? wla ba bell paper, paminta or ketsup man lang?

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