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Foods that Filipinos Bring to the Beach

Most of us would choose to bring our own home-cooked meals to the beach rather than rely on the resort restaurant’s menu considering how one order would cost you.

Just wondering, what are the usual foods you bring to a summer beach outing?

Do you have the same items as listed below?

1. Anything “pang-ihaw”

What we usually do, say for example we’re going to Laiya, is we drop by the Padre Garcia public market to buy pork, chicken, fish, or squid, which we can grill. Mas feel ang summer vibe sa may dagat kapag may inihaw!

2. Chips, chips, and more chips

Hindi lang pang-meryenda, pampulutan pa. Nothing beats the fun of munching on corniks and potato chips after swimming. Better, healthier options? Nuts and dried fruits!

3. Manggang hilaw at bagoong (or alamang)

Aaaaargh! Salivating much? The official summer fruit that you would opt to be unripe and crunchy! This is the reason why we see a lot of vendors selling unripe mangoes by the beach.

4. Ensaladang talong

Foods Filipinos Bring to the BeachEggplant salad for the unfamiliar ones. Why is this on the list? Because it’s the perfect sidekick, err, side dish to anything grilled! Grill the eggplant, chop it afterwards then mix with chopped onions and tomatoes and voila! You’ve got one heck of a meal that’s worth 10 rapsa points!

5. Cool, watery fruits and veggies

Ah, think watermelon, melon, cucumber, turnips. They do double duty as they fill your stomach and keep you hydrated at the same time.

Got the same list and more? Share your items!

Oh, never ever forget liters of drinking water. It’s also a very good idea to bring cooler and ice for storage of foods that might spoil in no time.

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