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For the Batanguenos Who Work Overseas

I have read in what I suppose was a local magazine (my memory again escapes me), a line that asks, “Is the Philippines raising a parentless society?”

The question pertains to the profound amount of Filipinos working abroad; pertains to parents who left their children; pertains to the young ones who left their aging parents all in search of a greener pasture.

They say that Filipinos, being family-centered people that we are, should favor family over anything.

Even prosperity.

I answered that question with another question, “Is a parentless society better than a starving one?”

I guess not.

Most of the OFWs that I know have warm if not searing love for their families. And the aforementioned love has been their primary reason for leaving the country.

To show love and choose to be worlds away might be an oxymoron of sorts. But in this world of ours which is divided according to the bandwidth of national treasury, it may be deemed logical even dramatic. Theirs is truly hard-earned money.

Moreover, they won’t be called Modern Heroes of the Philippines just for fun.

So my salutations go to the people who braved foreign lands and who sacrificed a lot of things just to suffice the well- being of their families.

To the Batanguenos who work infinities away from delicious Filipino food, to those who incessantly long for lomi and Goto Batangas, to those who favored the security of their families over personal convenience, I admire your bravery and perseverance.

May your kind and thoughtful beings be always guided by Him.

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