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How to Have the Best Vacation on a Tight Budget?

Having less money than what you hope for does not mean you can’t have the best vacation ever. You want to fly to the other two major islands of the Philippines but you don’t have the money to splurge on a luxurious trip.

And who says luxurious vacations are always the best?

Things that could go wrong will go wrong even if you’re in the most expensive and most comfortable hotel and resort in the country. So don’t get frustrated if you can’t get on a plane and can’t book that Santorini-inspired Bellaroca in Marinduque or the Shangri-la in Boracay. Why not indulge yourself with the bests of Batangas?

How to have the best vacation on a tight budget? Remember these things:

No. 1 – Travel in a large group. Plan a vacation with your family or with your friends. It’s forgivable to choose the right company. Invite who you think would ride along on your cheap thrills and who would enjoy spontaneity.

No. 2 – Look for comfortable yet affordable accommodations. This is an important factor particularly if you’re heading to the beach where you will be spending much of your time out in the sun. You don’t need a posh hotel room. Book a room that can house all of you or at least half of your company (then have another one booked).

vacation tips - summer in BatangasNo. 3 – An overnight stay could mean vacation to most of us. Two days and one night. How can you maximize this short vacation?

Get rid of anything that has something to do with work. If you can afford to turn off your cellphone, do so. And don’t bring your laptop with you. I’ll share more tips on how to maximize a short vacation.

No. 4 – Ask everyone to chip in for the food. It’s always better to allot a bigger budget on your meals than on your accommodation.

No. 5 – Consider commuting. Oil price hike, rollback, price hike again. It’s like that every month (or every week). So if it’s not much of a hassle to commute, then go.

No. 6 – There’s truth to the statement that the best things in life are free. Need I say more?

Check out the resorts in Batangas that we have featured previously and start planning your next best vacation!

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