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Wedding Month Special: Tips for the Soon-to-Be Married Couples

Wedding bells are ringing!

Ever dreamed of becoming a June bride? Do you know why June is a popular month for couples tying the knot?

During the ancient Roman times, many couples marry in the month of June in the hopes of getting good luck and blessings from Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage.

I’ve been doing weddings since 2009 with the other half of GirlYana, Gerlie. We’ve met and worked with different kinds of couples who all gave us opportunities to learn more about wedding planning and coordination. Being a wedding coordinator is a stressful yet a fulfilling job. The sweetest thing about it? Making clients happy on their first day to forever.

As for you who just got engaged, here are a few tips on the things you have to plan for your wedding.

On picking your wedding month

Here in the Philippines, December is another preferred month for couples getting married. Do you know that weddings in the month of Christmas is more expensive than the other months of the year? Flowers and venues are pricier in December and February (because it’s Valentine month).

Don’t get surprised as well if the rates of wedding suppliers strike higher in June and September – June being the ‘wedding month’ and post-summer here in the Philippines so the weather is not too hot to handle and September as the first -BER month yet it won’t be too cold to get your guests shivering all throughout your wedding day.

Duration of wedding preparation

For most of our wedding clients who availed our Full Wedding Coordination Services, average wedding preparations run for 6 months. Although there are some considerations to take care of earlier like venues and photographers and videographers that sometimes require booking a year before the chosen wedding date.

Tip: If you’ve chosen an in demand wedding month, early booking and reservation of date is a huge advantage. Early bird catches the worm, remember?

Accomplishment of legal and church papers

Most of our clients this year are working abroad. And they are all experiencing different dilemmas with the papers they need to secure in a specified period as they don’t have a very long time to take a leave from their work overseas to process everything themselves.

Secure first the most important legal paper you need: the marriage license. This is a vital nuptial requirement and to get this, you have to provide the following:

Birth certificate issued by the NSO, Certified true copy
Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) form issued by the NSO
Cedula or Community Tax Certificate
1 x 1 ID picture (colored or black and white)
Affidavit of parental consent (if the bride and/or groom is 18-21 years old)
Affidavit of parental advice (if the bride and/or groom is 22-25 years old)

Weddings - Lipa City, Batangas - wedding coordinatorsAfter submitting these requirements, you will be scheduled for the seminar which you, of course, have to attend together. Both of you shall attend the Family Planning Seminar. If both or either of you is below 18 to 24 years old, you have to attend the Marriage Counselling together.

You will then be given the certificate of attendance which you need to present in claiming the marriage license after 10 working days. The license is valid for 120 days and may be used anywhere in the Philippines (like if you’ve been dreaming of that Boracay wedding).

Couples who are living in together for at least 5 years are not required to apply for marriage license. Just provide a proof like your child’s birth certificate or any affidavit to back up your status.

If you are planning for a Catholic church wedding, check the requirements you have to secure.

Do you know that not all priests and ministers have the authority to officiate a wedding? There’s a certain certification coming from the National Statistics Office that gives them the authority to perform a wedding, like an agreement between the church and the government to make any marriage valid. All judges and mayors have this authority.

Setting the budget

Two things to consider: the number of guests and the suppliers you wish to book. The more people on your guest list would mean getting a bigger venue, producing more invites and souvenirs, and of course, more plates for your caterer to count.

Find suppliers who will deliver the kind of work to make your big day a memorable one. Even weddings on a limited budget can be special and beautiful by putting the right people together. After all, it’s all about you and your significant other and not how tall your wedding cake is.

Classify wedding details into categories so you would know what to prioritize and which ones to waive off depending on your budget.

On choosing your wedding suppliers

Sometimes called wedding vendors, your wedding suppliers will comprise your ultimate wedding dream team. As I’ve said, it’s all about putting the right people together. Hire people who understand your wishes and execute them accordingly. Like a team of lovely, efficient, and accommodating wedding coordinators like the GY Team! (Promote promote din pag may time. Haha.)

Do a background research of your desired suppliers. Search for testimonials and feedback posted on their web pages and social profiles. There are those who are veterans in the field and they at times come with a glittering price tag. Oh girl, the price you pay for a beautiful wedding!

Attending bridal expos will help you a lot. Particularly the big annual bridal fairs where you can find the top and most coveted suppliers who give discounts on couples who will book them on the spot.

Hoping these tips would help you in your initial planning. Need wedding coordinators to save you from all the stressful preps? Contact us. 😉

Featured Wedding Photo
Photo credit: James Ona Photography
Couple: Corwyn and Gracey Malaluan-Jose
Wedding Venue: La Finca Farm and Country Resort
On-the-Day Coordination: GY Events Services Team

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