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ALIGMA Dance Troupe: One Groove, One Music, One Soul

God must have choreographed the fate of this dance group. They have different personalities, different aspirations, yet they manage to get along together and dance to the same rhythm. Together, they showcase the praise-worthy talent of Batanguenos. And as a group, they are bringing it all back to God. They call themselves the ALIGMA Dance Troupe.

ALIGMA Dance Troupe was formed back in 2002. Mark Louie Tepace (team leader and main choreographer), Ryan Sabaybay, and Andrei were altar knights at the Redemptorist Church when they were in high school. They’ve been dancing since then and had even tried singing as choir members in Lipa Cathedral where they met Brian Dalangin.

Youth for Christ member, Jun Michael Cabrera was the fifth man to complete the pioneering members of ALIGMA Dance Troupe. You may be wondering where they got the group’s name and for so many times they were probably asked how, they only have one answer: “Wala lang kami maisip pero gusto naming maging unique”. True enough, you would only get to hear the term ‘aligma’ from them and because of them.

From then on, they had attracted young dancers who have the same passion for dancing. They even reached the point of having too many members, going 30-40. Currently, they are 15 in the group, moving and grooving with every opportunity that comes their way.

They have been competing in different dance competitions in the province and have tried claiming exposure and chances on a nationwide scale through ABS-CBN’s reality dance competition, U Can Dance in its Sayaw Barangay portion.

It doesn’t end there. When you put your heart into anything you’re good at, great things will be at hand. ALIGMA Dance Troupe will conquer Australia in the World Supremacy Battlegrounds this 21st of November. Exactly how huge this opportunity is! They will battle against the best dancers of Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

This could be ALIGMA’s biggest break. They have the guts to show the world what they’ve got and so it’s just right for us to show them our support in whatever way we can. These guys will represent not just us Batanguenos but the rest of the Filipino people as well.

Here are the members of the ALIGMA Dance Troupe (not present during the interview are Ryan Sabaybay, Andrei, and two other members):

Mark Loiue Tepace, 25
Bulacnin, Lipa City
Team leader, main choreographer
Pioneer member

Reymel Manalo Villasenior, 23
Inosluban, Lipa City
Pioneer member

Brian Dalangin, 24
Brgy. 6 Lipa City
Pioneer member

Jun Michael Cabrera, 23
Sabang, Lipa City
Pioneer member

Jay-R Eguia, 19
Marauoy, Lipa City
Aligma member for 3 years

Michael De Mesa a.k.a “MD”, 24
Maraouy, Lipa City
Aligma member for 3 years

Homer “Mamay” Lalog, 27
San Salvador, Lipa City
Aligma member for 3 years

Jhayson Eguia, 19
Marauoy, Lipa City
Aligma member for 4 years

Sever Lupac, 24
Balinktawak, Lipa City
Alligma member for 9 months

Ajay Cabrera, 16
Sabang, Lipa City
Aligma member for almost a year

Albert Torres, 24
Tipacan, Lipa City
Aligma member for 4 years

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  1. plz support our groupe tnx!

  2. plz support our groupe tnx!

  3. Hey Aligma DAnce = First of all just want to congratulate you guys for the successful had been reached for now specially to Ryan / Loiue who made this group on triumphant.

    Good Luck Ryan / Loiue to all future battle and hope we will see each other in one Reunion together with all U.B dance group. — we really miss to dance again in a battle- – – Eugene Macapuno

  4. Hello. Good noon. Can we have your contact details because we are in need of a group performer for our event in Batangas?

  5. go go go aligma 🙂 gleng nyo sa sm batangas mag perform :0

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