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Tito, Vic and Joey: The Original Song Wreckers (On a Good Note, that is)

This article would uncontrollably be biased.

I am undeniably a fan and I find no Willie Revillame, APO, Rico Puno or anyone of the noontime show hosts as Tito, Vic and Joey’s (TVJ’s) equivalent.

Now we all know how great hosts and actors they are. We also know how the triumvirate’s witty spunk could make our day.

However, in this article, let us talk about their song parodies which now treads the WOWBatangas home like wildfire courtesy of Alva’s external speakers.

Their songs, which delve on comic takes on maniacal deeds, gay love, poverty and improper hygiene, have been listened to by Pinoys long before my parents met.

They’ve been wrecking (in a good way, that is) songs—local and foreign alike since their Discorama days which date back as early as the 70s.

Song wrecking, as I poorly remember in one article of Joey de Leon (my memory really escapes me here), is defined as their manner of changing the lyrics of a certain song and leaving it with a TVJ blueprint.

I believe they have never lost rapport to the masas since then thanks to their dark green jokes and bading-badingans which are beautifully fused in each of their ditties.

Although I have to say that Bossing Vic’s breezy pipes are always a standout whenever he does the lead or the second voice duties. And whenever his voice segues into the kabadingan, severe LSS takes place.

Joey de Leon, on the other hand, has uhmm… diminutive singing prowess and he rather makes it up with the kabadingan effect. Joey, I believe, is also the genius behind the lyrics.

Tito Sotto also gets his fare share of verses. It seems that the joy of seeing his two comrades making total badings out of themselves is enjoyable enough as his voice seems to be the hardest to recognize (he sounds like Vic but not quite).

And my generation is fortunate enough to be provided with youtube videos of their greatness.

here is one of them:

Upakan is definitely one of TVJ’s greatest. In it are undying verses:

Oh talagang nagbago ka na.
at ikaw ay nagsasawa na.
siguro ay mayroon ka nang mahal na iba..

Talagang di na kita maipagpapalit
pagkat walang tatanggap sayo,
kumbaga sa alahas, ikaw ay puwit ng baso.

Aking pananamit talagang nagbago pagkat
marami akong bago,
At maraming kong nasungkit na mga damit kagabi.

Oh talagang may bago na ko
at ikaw ay ayaw ko na
pagkat pag tayo’y magkasama’y mas pogi ka

Bastahan na, pero, Genius, ain’t it?

I do hope the TVJ trio will be reincarnated by some lads in the near future. I just have to say, their presence (especially their old school personas) would make the showbiz industry an epic one.

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