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List of Popular Products in Batangas

If you happen to be a first time visitor of the Batangas province, the next thing you should know at hand aside from the places to stay and eat at are the products best purchased here.

Batangas is not only a popular summer destination in the Philippines, it is also home to various products which are among the province’s pride.

Kapeng Barako

Topping the list is the king of the local beverages. Cafe de Lipa has commercialize packages of kapeng barako which are perfect gift ideas.

Butterfly Knives or Balisong

It comes in different sizes, the most popular of which is the “bente nueve” (another term for the balisong knife itself) or the 29-centimeter long variation. This folding pocket knife is mostly available in the town of Taal.

Tapang Taal

Another prominent product of Taal is their pork tapa. Either fried or grilled, Tapang Taal will surely satisfy your taste buds. There are many stalls in Taal Public Market from where you can buy this tapa.


Coconut trees grow in abundance in the town of San Juan. That is why lambanog (coconut wine or coconut vodka) is among San Juan’s top three products. Lambanog now has various flavors available in the market. Drop by the San Juan Pasalubong Center in Brgy. Maraykit for a bottle of lambanog and other delicacies you can take home.

Bagoong Balayan

The name says it all. Bagoong is a fermented anchovy sauce used as dip or a saline ingredient for Pinoy dishes. And Balayan is where the bagoong production industry boomed.

Tamarind Wine

Lobo is known for its Anihan Festival because of its bountiful produce. One of which is the tamarind fruit. When wines from various fruits were produced in other parts of the country, Lobo thought of creating its own variety of wine and that is the Tamarind Wine.

Embroideries, Wedding Dresses, Barong Tagalog

Aside from balisong and tapang taal, Taal also prides itself with the beautiful embroideries which reflect the town’s rich cultural heritage. Locally termed as “burdang Taal”, jusi and piña are the fabrics used for the embroidery. It has been a long tradition in Taal which eventually turned into a local industry, making Taal a one-stop shop for wardrobe on special occasions like weddings, Filipiniana-themed events and the like.


Don’t you miss this humble yet super sweet treat? Taal is known for huge production of panutsa (Batangas’ own version of peanut brittle). One of our followers shared that panutsa making in Brgy. Alupay, Rosario has started since late 1950s. You can find panutsa in every pasalubong center in the province. Get a big one or the bite size ones, it’s just the same treat!

Atcharang Calaca

Atchara or atsara is an appetizer famously produced in the town of Calaca. Achara or pickled green papaya mixed with carrots, onions, red bell pepper, and raisins. Being the large producer of achara, Calaca celebrates their popular produce through their CALACATCHARA Festival

We’ll be adding more on this list as we unravel the best products all over Batangas. Keep posted! 🙂

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  1. Let’s not forget another Batangas famous, ang panutsa, that comes in different sizes. Merong singlaki ng long playing album at meron din 45-size record. Then mamimili ka kung bagkat o ung plain lang. Sya sulong at hayini ang bisita ng masarap na panutsa.

  2. Huwag nating kalimutan ang daing na biyang huli sa Lawang Taal. Ito ay malinamnam at hindi gasinong maalat kaya hindi makasasama sa ating kalusugan. Bahagyang ilubog sa kumukulong mantika at ilagay sa pinggan na may paper towel para sipsipin nito ang mantika.
    Tamang tama sa almusal na may hiniwang sariwang kamatis at kapeng barako.

  3. hello po s lht ng mga kababayang batangueno.hnd po b ksali d2 ang ATCHARANG CALACA???thanx and more power.

  4. At saka ung calamay at atsara ng calaca….

  5. aba,ako’y purong Batanguena kaya iyang Tulingang sinaing sa kalamyas ang aking personal na paborito,idagdag pa ang binanging talong…

  6. isama na rin siguro natin ang sumang magkayakap/tamalis ng tanauan, atsaka ang nata de coco ng malvar batangas. 🙂

  7. wag kakalimutan ang pinais na dulong..yum

  8. naaalala nyo ba kung ano ung tawag dun sa parang donut na manipis tas may matigas na asukal na pula sa ibabaw? hehe.. di ko maalala tawag eh..

    • DAGDAG NATIN ANG PAKASKAS, Batangas lomi (specially ka Hening Recinto NG BAYORBOR, MATAASNAKAHOY). COFFEE BARAKO (luto/timpla ni ka Hening Recinto). Lag matikman mo her lomi and coffee, you will surely ask for 2nd,3rd maybe 4th servings (1 after d other).

  9. Palayok sa San Juan..lambanog sa San Juan..panutsa sa San Juan..

  10. Magandang araw po. Kahit po medyo huli na ang aking tugon, maari po ba nating isali ang minatamis na niyog na kung tawagin ay “generation”. Isali na rin po natin ang minatamis na kalumpit na karaniwan sa 1st district ng Batangas. Salamat po.

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