Capture the Best of Batangas (Tips for Photography Enthusiasts)

The team would not survive without our cameras. Ah no, we could, but our mission of promoting the beauty of Batangas would not be complete without the photos we have produced since was born.

If photography is your passion, be in events like Batangas festivals, beauty pageants, mall events, street dance competition, etc. I have here some of the memorable photos we’ve captured.

See the beauty of Batangas through the lens of your camera and be wowed. ;)


Sinukmani Festival 2011

Sinukmani Festival 2011, Rosario

Ala Eh Festival 2010

Ala Eh Festival 2010, Lipa City


Lambayok Festival 2009, San Juan, Batangas

Lambayok Festival 2009, San Juan

Kabakahan Festival 2009, Padre Garcia, Batangas

Kabakahan Festival 2009, Padre Garcia


Taal Lake

Taal Lake

Sunset shot in Balete, Batangas

Sunset in Balete


Batangas Lomi

Batangas Lomi


WOWBatangas Models

Faces of Love Photo Shoot (A WOWBatangas Valentine Special)

Want to polish your photography skills? Gear up for a photography workshop on July 16, 10am, at the Event Center of SM City Batangas. The workshop will be included in the Awarding Program of the My Hometown’s Finest Photo Contest. Don’t forget to bring your cameras, shutterbugs! :)

  • jave

    Good day po! regarding lng s ad n a photo enthusiast by heart…capturing what eyes could see through my lenses..and im interested in joining d workshop next next Saturday…
    inquire lng po ko kng anu anu b ang requirements? if there are any?
    as stated dn po s post s fb..ahm klngn b ung mga my DSLR lng? i have my own camera but its not DSLR?

    thanks po!

    • Dyan Hernandez

      No worries. You can still go and be part of our event. It’s for free by the way. Plus we have a good program for everyone. See you there! :)

  • Knian

    please like this page!
    I’m very proud to be Batanggenyo!!!

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