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Taal Lake and Volcano Featured in Katy Perry’s ROAR Music Video (Youtube)

It’s very rare to see a major tourist spot of the Philippines be featured in an American MTV. Rarer still is to see such huge and fearsome animals like an elephant and a tiger anywhere near Batangas province. But that’s just what happened when the Director of Katy Perry’s Roar music video (and hopefully Katy Perry herself because apparently she loves the Philippines) decided to include as backdrop the view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano in a plane-wreck storyline where man learns to love animals and appreciate nature.

Here’s the very “controversial” video of Katy Perry’s song Roar.

The biggest animal I saw anywhere near Taal Lake is the Kabayong Tagalog, so obviously they lead viewers to think that the Taal Volcano (if they find it interesting) is somewhere in Africa or other parts of Asia.

But the video itself tells a good story, and puts Taal in a positive light. So we’ll take it. Thanks Katy!

(screenshot courtesy of youtube)
Katy Perry - Roar Music Video Featuring Taal Lake and Taal Volcano

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