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When Batangueños Talk [Videos]

They say that Batangas is the “Heart of the Tagalog Language”. And when you hear pure-blooded Batangueños talking in the native tongue, do not attempt to translate. You might just get a hard time. Haha.

There are a lot of Batangueño words that are hard to understand if you are a non-native. Even for some who are born in Batangas might not fully comprehend especially if they belong in the later generations. I must confess that I barely understand what our friends on our Facebook page are saying whenever we post something that require them to interact. Some would post comments in five sentences the least which they try to complicate by using pure Batangueño words.

Batangas dialect - videos of Batanguenos talkingI’m particularly wondering about the etymologies of Batangueño words and the idiosyncrasies of the Batangan dialect as compared with that of the other Tagalog-speaking region. “Batangan Dialect is more closely related to the ancient Tagalog” as written in this blog which also shares the origin of the Tagalog dialect.

But the first thing other people would notice is how these words are being spoken. The pronunciation or the “punto” commonly termed as “puntong ala eh” has that certain “musicality”. The Batangueño’s way of speaking is popularized on TV by comedian and theater actor and director, Leo Martinez who is a local of Balayan, Batangas. His characters Don Robert in Ober Da Bakod and the even popular Cong. Manhik Manaog are known for that strong Batangueño accent.

Here are some videos that show how distinct the sound of Batangueños are when speaking.

Want some palabok?

Video posted by kimwafu03 on YouTube

If you’re Batangueño, you may have heard of Batman joke time. Want some good laugh? Here.

Video posted by jhanriecabingao on YouTube

😀 Happy weekend everyone!

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