Batangas Bloggers Unite!

Despite the thousands of products, festivals, people, food and places we have written about the province of Batangas, there are still many things to discover in this grand land of ours.

That’s why we need your help!

We need to hear from you — your experiences and your insights on how beautiful Batangas is. Or something about your everyday life in Batangas, perhaps.

The said pieces must be anything, anywhere and anyone under the Batangueño sun!

And guess what, you could be an actual author for one of the budding WOWBatangas websites which is where all your Batangas-related musings shall be published.

Just follow these steps:

1. Register at
2) Follow the instructions seen on the Be a Batangas Blogger Page of
3) Inform us that you have completed the first two steps through an email to
4) Your author access for shall be created
5) Contribute articles on a weekly or monthly basis.

Be a proud Batangueño and be one with us in promoting our dear province.

Help us spread the “Ala Eh!” fever!

Let us all take pride in the beauty of our beloved Batangas!

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    • Dyan Hernandez

      The page is okay now. Please try again. :)