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Have a Merry Tummy with Potato Gratin

Text: Bernadeth Manalo Photos and Video: Steph Dote Ano gang handa n’yo sa “Noche Buena”? Traditionally, we, Filipinos, prepare a special and prosperous dinner on our table come Christmas Eve. This is where we, together with our family, gather and eat together as we welcome the day Jesus Christ was …

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Batangueño Food: Sinigang na Maliputo

The vast water resources in the province of Batangas serve as one of the sources of income for the Batangueños. The marine species found in lakes and bays of Batangas assure profit and abundant economy for the locality. Because it is in the waters of the province that some of …

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Batangueño Food: Adobo sa Dilaw

As the saying goes, “You are not a Filipino if you don’t know how to cook adobo.” Adobo is a traditional dish of Filipinos. We can assume that if you conduct a survey as to what would most likely be the national dish of the Philippines, probably more than half …

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Batangueño Food: Crispy Fried Tawilis

Great things come in small packages. Just like the Sardinella Tawilis (or Freshwater Tawilis) a small fish which can measure up to 15 cm and weighs about 30 g and can only be found here in Batangas particularly in Taal Lake. A kilo of tawilis normally costs around P100-P150, depending …

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Batangueño Food: Sinaing na Tulingan

Tulingan or mackerel tuna is widely available in Batangas. The most popular way of cooking this fish is sinaing (boiled). Sinaing na tulingan became a staple dish in the province and had been listed to its most popular dishes. Ingredients 1 kg small or medium sized tulingan 1/2 cup dried …

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