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Places to Visit in Rosario, Batangas

Rosario is a little bit of everything for not only is it a land of thriving agriculture, but also, the amenities of urban living is nonetheless at hand.

The tourism of Rosario Batangas and its must- see places range from the top garden resorts in Batangas to the country’s premier racing circuit.

Some of the must- see places in Rosario, Batangas:

Recreational Destinations in Rosario, Batangas:

Batangas Racing Circuit .Batangas Racing circuit is located at Barangay Maligaya, Rosario Batangas and has become a haven for Philippine speed junkies, two- wheel and four wheel drivers alike. Drag and circuit racing are two of its most frequent activities.

Prominent Resorts in Rosario, Batangas:

Villa Crisanta Garden Resort is located at Barangay Santa Cruz Batangas.

Barcelona Garden Resort is located at Barangay Maalas- as Rosario Batangas.

Both resorts boast of tranquil, spa-esque ambiance which really is an escape from the clatters of the big city.

Natural Attractions in Rosario, Batangas:

Tombol Hill draws throngs of people come Lenten Season for on it are life size, concrete stations of the cross and statues of well-known symbols of Christianity. Locals often call it “grotto”.

Prominent Food Chains in Rosario, Batangas:

Andok’s Rosario, Batangas Branch
Jollibee Rosario, Batangas Branch
Graciano’s Rosario, Batangas Branch

There’d be no doubt if the municipality of Rosario be turned into a full blown city in a few years time. The emergence of three of the country’s fast food giants and other distinguished establishments are good signs that the beautiful town of Rosario is, indeed, worthy of investments.


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