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Top La Virginia Resort Attractions You’ll Love

When summer started, we noticed the rush of buses (tourist buses) on the streets of our humble town, all heading to one place a few kilometers from the poblacion. Heading to what has been (or maybe still is) the most frequented destination in Mataasnakahoy for the past weeks — La Virginia Resort.

So this will be another personal blog. I just want to share some of my favorite resort features in La Virginia from the last time I visited, well, that’s around three months ago. Perceiving I’m sharing the same favorites with the recent resort visitors.

I went there for a day tour and lucky enough, there weren’t too many people that day considering it’s a Sunday. Or maybe the area is just too extensive for me to see other guests in the resort.

Okay, let’s start off with —

The View of Taal Lake

Nature’s beauty never fails to amaze me. How about you? La Virginia Resort offers a generous view of Taal Lake. It brought serenity down to my soul. Naks. But seriously, it did.

The Buddha View Deck

I had a couple of pictures in front of the huge Buddha statue and when I used one of the photos as my Facebook profile picture, a couple of friends thought I went to Thailand! Haha. Nah, it’s one of the best backgrounds there for photo ops with friends. Make sure you have a picture with the Golden Buddha as your background. Panalo! 🙂

Buddha Deck View, La Virginia Resort

The Ifugao Village

I’m half-Batangueña, Half-Ilocana. That’s why I have close affinity to what’s there up north; not an Ifugao native though. This part of La Virginia features cottages which resembles the abode in Ifugao. It’s like you’re visiting the Tam-Awan Village in Baguio City.

The Infinity Pool

Because it gives you a good spot for the sunset. Imagine swimming in the infinity pool while the sun sets on the horizon.

The Hanging Bridge

I like bridges. It brings that certain shake on your nerves but at the same time, it challenges you to go on keep walking until you reach the other end.

The Tree House

See the best features of La Virginia Resort from the top of the tree house and you’ll wonder how it was landscaped to become what it is now. It was breathtaking up there. Perfect for some more picture taking. Say cheese! 🙂

The Zipline Rides!

I wasn’t able to experience the La Virginia Zipline Rides during my visit. Next time, I promise i will!

These are just some of the resort features that I love about in La Virginia Resort here in Mataasnakahoy. Batangas is indeed blessed with such beautiful destinations and it makes us proud being among the top provinces to visit here in the Philippines.

How was your summer vacation? Care to share your own stories? 😉

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  1. Rene B. Pacheco

    1. Kindly give me the exact address and landmark going to La Virginia Resort.
    2. How much is the a. entrance b. rooms c. rides
    3. How much overnight rates
    4. What are the amenities and attractions.
    5. other details

    Hope to hear from you soonest.

  2. we a terrible experience concerning their customer service. I have to say that although the place is really nice, the customer service is worst. you go there to relax but then they just piss you off with their rude services. I had encounter with these particular ladies: Sally Mendiola, Rhiza Sandoval and Evelyn Hernandez. Please if you can avoid, do not transact with them. I called their office for reservation and spoken to Rhiza Sandoval. Everything went on smoothly. They had given me the price and I had agreed on it. But when we reached the resort and about to pay the bill, there was an extra 3000 pesos to be paid. So i inquired what that cost entails. She told me that we have to pay for an entrance fee of P300 each and we are 10, thus the amount. i asked if that should be waived because we are billeted in their hotel, and she said no. It is really part of the expenses which this Rhiza Sandoval did not tell us when we were talking on the phone. Furthermore, who pays an entrance fee to stay at their hotel. stupid policy. Moreover, what pissed me off more is that this receptionist told us that their queen size bed can accommodate 5 people. Fudge! Like where can you see 5 people fitting in a queen size bed???!!! They really are dumb. They don’t know what they are talking about. We went there to relax and they’re giving us a queen size bed good for 5 people. In the end, we just got stressed out instead of feeling relaxed. We spent our money just to be stressed. What a good way to spend a hard – earned money!

    So please think twice before going to this resort. Their staffs really sucks.

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