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Photographers’ Guide to Batangas

Armed with your reliable travel buddy, your camera, you can make the most out of every trip by documenting the places you see, the people you meet, the local trademarks, and even the food on your plate.

Here in Batangas, you will never run out of photography subjects, particularly destinations. In fact, your card memory might be not be enough if you would dare to trace the many interesting spots there are in this side of Southern Luzon.

This is photography guide in Batangas will not only inform you of what you should be taking pictures of in this province but you can also consider this as your travel guide. Plan your trips to these destinations.

Free your mind, release your soul, and let your imagination assist your eyes in capturing exhibit-worthy photos. Plus, the names and the contact details of the tourism officer/coordinator is located below each destination.

BALETE: Taal Lake and sunset shots

Take some amazing sunset shots from this town. With the vast serenity of Taal Lake and the golden setting sun, a picture could paint not just words but emotions as well.

Ms. Kristine Martinez (Acting Municipal Tourism Officer)
Telephone No: (043) 313 – 3425
Mobile No: 0908 – 242 – 3473

BATANGAS CITY: The Capitol Building and the Pastor-Acosta Ancestral House

The Batangas Provincial Capitol Building is not just seat of the provincial government as it plays a glorious backdrop for photography as well. Now, if you can’t have enough of the ancestral houses in Taal, the Pastor-Acosta ancestral house in Batangas City is one place you should not miss. Retell the family’s story through your photographs. Make sure Atty. Tony Pastor is there to welcome you!

Mr. Eduardo Borbon (City Tourism Officer)
Telephone No: (043) 723 8802 / 723 – 6736
Mobile No: 0917 – 504 – 2180


Ang Pulo or the Calatagan Mangrove Forest Conservation Park is a haven for nature photography enthusiasts. The mangroves, the sea creatures, and the extremely beautiful sunset there will make a day of tiring yet fulfilling photo shoot.

Ms. Hannah Esguerra (Municipal Tourism Officer)
Telephone No: (043) 213 – 3001
Mobile No: 0928-470 – 0865 / 09061057992

IBAAN: Himamawo Spring

Himamawo spring is a natural attraction hidden in Brgy. Malainin.

Ms. Myla Soriano (Municipal Tourism Officer)
Telephone No: (043) 311 – 1833
Mobile No: 0949 – 791 – 9117

LIAN: Matabungkay Beach

Matabungkay is one of the white sand beaches in Batangas known for the floating cottages or “balsa” where the Balsa Festival was adapted.

Mr. Alvin Cirilo Jonson (Acting Municipal Tourism Officer)
Telephone No: (043) 215 – 2987 / 215 – 2320
Mobile No: 0917 – 579 – 1902

photographers' guide to Batangas

LIPA CITY: San Sebastian Cathedral and Casa de Segunda

San Sebastian Cathedral or Lipa Cathedral is also one of the most photographed religious sites in the whole of Batangas. The church also has a baroque architectural style and had undergone various renovations through the years.

Casa de Segunda is a destination that tells a significant and colorful story of love between Segunda Katigbak and our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. This ancestral house is popular among prenuptial pictorials.

Mr. Alex Maralit (Chairman, Lipa City Tourism Council)
Telephone No: (043) 784 – 2537
Mobile No: 0917 – 980 – 5687 (Mr. Leo Ona)

LOBO: Tulay na Busog, Submarine Garden, Jaybanga Rice Terraces, and Malabrigo Lighthouse

These three are major destinations that draw photographers to the municipality of Lobo. The Submarine Garden is another destination for underwater photographers to visit while the Jaybanga Rice Terraces and Tulay na Busog are ideal choices for landscape photography. On the other hand, Malabrigo Lighthouse sets a good subject as well, for something old and with an appealing story.

Name: Mr. Roweno Alforte (Municipal Tourism Officer)
Telephone No: (043) 776 – 0214
Mobile No: 0919 – 859 – 4230

MABINI: Anilao Diving Spots

Up for a thrilling adventure under the sea? If you are into underwater photography, the diving spots of Anilao, Mabini is a paradise for you to behold.

Ms. Pasencia C. Casapao (Municipal Tourism Officer)
Telephone No: (043) 410 – 0607
Mobile No: 0917 – 535 – 2363

MATAASNAKAHOY: Panoramic view of Taal Lake and Volcano Island

The majestic view of the Taal Lake and the Volcano Island is what this town is known for. Resorts with this overlooking view are frequented by local and foreign visitors.

Mr. Rodante de Leon (Municipal Tourism Officer)
Telephone No: (043) 461 – 0925
Mobile No: 0926 – 915 – 8504

TAAL: Basilica of St. Martin de Tours and The Heritage Village

Basicila of St. Martin de Tours or simply Taal Basilica is the largest Catholic church in Asia. This is a popular backdrop and subject as is for wedding photographers and for those who are fiends of baroque architecture.

The Heritage Village is like an ancient storybook that came to life. Ancestral houses here and there, the village is a favorable location for old-themed photo shoot.

Arch. Robert Arambulo (Municipal Tourism Officer)
Telephone No: (043) 421 – 1060
Mobile No: 0917 – 501 – 8060

TALISAY: Taal Volcano Crater

With the town of Talisay being the access point to the Volcano Island, marvel at amazing Taal Volcano Crater. The crater lake makes a tranquil subject, it’s like painting a picture with the right camera settings.

Ms. Genalyn Barba (Municipal Tourism Officer)
Telephone No: (043) 773 – 0238
Mobile No: 0918 – 571 – 1612

TINGLOY: Sepoc Island

Sepoc Island can be found on the southwestern part of the municipality of Tingloy, which is also known as Maricaban Island. The shoreline of Tingloy in general is captivating.

Coun. Josephine B. Sawali (Chairman – Committee on Tourism)
Mobile No: 0918 – 621 – 0062

Capture the best of Batangas!

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