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Priest day at FAITH

2016-08-02 Priests Day at Faith4
FAITH has started hosting this tradition way back in 2007.  The very first Priests Day for Vicariate VI hosted by FAITH was on August 6, 2007. It was during this day when then Vicar Formane of Vicariate VI Rev. Fr. Federico Magboo read the decree declaring the then FAITH Unified School as a Catholic school.

The tradition of the Vicarial Priests Day has since been held in and hosted by FAITH.

List of Priest who attended the mass:

1. Fr. Ed Pagcaliuagan
2. Fr. Nepo Fruto
3. Rev. Renz Goce
4. Fr. Christian San Juan
5. Fr. Totit Mandanas
6. Fr. Ricardo Adan
7. Fr. Jay Encarnacion
8. Fr. Gerry Garcia
9. Msgr. Emeterio Chavez
10. Msgr. Eleuterio Aquino
11. Msgr. Alberto Boongaling
12. Fr. Ramon Manalo
13. Fr. Jose Ilagan
14. Fr. Manny Guazon
15. Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales

Faith is a WOWBatangas presentor.
Photos by Golan Canuzo

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