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What To Buy: Products Representing the Towns and Cities of Batangas

How well do you know the products of Batangas province? You have heard about OTOP countless of times before. These four letters stand for Department of Trade and Industry’s “One Town, One Product”, a project which promotes the products of a particular town or city in the country.

These products do not only represent the place, they represent the lives of the people in general and how they go about with making a living out of the products they manufacture or grow.

Most Popular Products of Batangas Province

You often hear kapeng barako, balisong, burdang Taal, and coconut by-products when talking about the things being produced here in the province.

The ones mentioned above are just some of the many products of Batangas province if in case you do not know the others yet. These things are not only considered as economic goods, they are tangible representations of the towns and cities of the province.

Did you know that the town of Tuy are producing handmade paper products? Meanwhile, Nasugbu is where you can find bignay trees and its by-products while Calatagan is where you can purchase creative decorative candles.

Provincial Trade Fair

Every year, LGUs in the entire Batangas province participate in the Provincial Trade Fair which is part of the week-long festivities of the Ala Eh! Festival.

Aside from showcasing their town’s products, the LGU participants exert extra effort in decorating their booths to bag the top award in the trade fair booth competition.

The Provincial Trade Fair is also open for NGOs, private businesses, and other establishments. This exposition is a proof of the booming trade industry of Batangas and a reflection of the people’s entrepreneurial spirit and camaraderie as well.

If you visit a particular city or municipality here in Batangas, make sure to bring home these goods.

products of Batangas province

Source: Batangas Provincial Tourism Website

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