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Characteristics and Attributes of a True Batangueño (Video Interviews)

What makes you a true Batangueño?

We can only hope you asked that to yourself at least once in your life.

Having started WOWBatangas.com last 2008, touring the province and meeting Batangueños in all walks of life, we felt confident we know the answer. But we had to go out again to interview people and hear what they have to say.

Provincial Board Member - Rowena Sombrano-AfricaYou may put great anticipation that being ‘barako’ would top the list of responses we have collated. But their answers exceeded our expectations. There’s more to being ‘barako’ in us, being Batangueños.

Provincial Board Member Rowena Africa described a true Batangueño as resilient, industrious, family-oriented, and prayerful.

Mr. Dindo Montenegro - advocate of Batangas culture and tourismMr. Dindo Montenegro, a pure Taaleño and one of the fiercest advocate of culture and tourism of Batangas province, characterized Batangueños as brave, kind, and adventurous.

Mr. Saturnino Belen, originally from Davao, and the person who brings us FAITH and LIMA Park Hotel, observes Batanguenos as loud and brash, but caring people and are very adventurous and entrepreneurial.

Their answers are woven with interviews from random people on the streets of Batangas in a video posted along with this article that you should watch.

Added to that are these comments from a past conversation on our Facebook page.

From Randy Evangelista Sarmiento, “Ang tunay na Batangueño marunong gumalang at rumespeto sa ibang tao o sa nakakatanda sa kanila! Marunong makisama at makisalamuha sa kahit na sinong tao, ika nga eh pang DAYO, kahit saang sulok ng mundo pwede ang Batangueño, marunong umiwas sa gulo, ngunit papalag kung kinakailangan.”

From Cee Mitra, “My mom’s Kapampangan and my dad’s Batangueño. Though I spent most of my childhood in Pampanga and Manila, I’ll always be “Batang” for them, my nickname daw. Short for Batangueña. Kasi daw matapang daw talaga ako. Haha! I have only been residing here [in Batangas] for five years now but it feels like I never left since I was born here 20 years ago.”

From Hector Jibrael Landicho Orindain, “Yung taong nagmamahal at may malasakit sa Batangas at sa mga taong naninirahan dine, pinanganak ka man o hindi sa lalawigang are, sakol man o hindi kung dumulog ka sa batalan, nakaranas man o hindi na mangbalibang ng mangga ng kahanggan, basta may puso ka para sa Batangas, purong ala eh ka..”

While at it, know that generally, there are only two kinds of Batangueños. One is “Batangueñong Taal”, or those who are born and raised in the province (examples are the Katigbaks, Pastors and Laurels), and the “Batangueñong Dating” or those who married a local or moved to Batangas to live, study or work (best example of course is our Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto). Thanks to Ms. Chona Andal of the Tourism Office for pointing this out to us.

Batangueños are anyone who moved here, stayed or came back, and loves other Batangueños like their family. If you contribute to the Batangas community in the best way possible, then be proud. You belong.

This is us, Batangueños. Do you truly know who you are?

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