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WOWBatangas Team Goes to Lobo, Batangas!

May 16, 2011
Lobo, Batangas

We embraced the day as early as 5am. It was the day of our team building in Lobo, a paradise which took us this long to experience. In case you’re wondering, ang dami na namin. Yes, our team has grown in number and we are thankful for this transition.

The team stayed at Butterfly Beach House owned by Renz’s (our Marketing Associate for WOWBatangas Tours) aunt. Such an adorable beach house. Simple lang pero rock. Haha. I’ll tell a separate story about the beach house tomorrow.

Okay, game na sa kwento? Below are 22 of the 800+ shots taken from our Lobo trip. Click to enlarge photos. Haha. As in 800+ photos! Hindi halatang adik kami sa pictures. 🙂

We were 12: Renz, Jacky, Me, Anna, Aris, Joel, Alva, Paul, Reinier, JR, Gerlie, and Dayne who took this photo. Isang dosenang saya!

Each time we have team bondings and we’ll take some photos, jump shots will never be forgotten. Gaya nito.

Eto pa.

Matapos ang jump shot, napagod kaming apat. Haha. That’s Alva, Me, Gerlie, and JR, habang may namamato ng buhangin mula sa kalawakan. Haha.

WOWBatangas Team’s ultimate love team. Yihee! <3

Oops, this ain’t a Rated PG photo ha. 😀 Alva and I just want to see who’s got the longer hair.

Lobo has fine sand. Aliw kaming humiga, umupo, magtabon sa sarili. Haha. Just look at Gerlie while all of us smiled for this shot.

Another proof how we enjoyed the sand. Reinier.

We have a very lovely view of the mountain range. Ganda!

This one reminds me of my childhood. My cousins and I used to do this everytime we head to a beach — burrying our feet on the shore.

Our Marketing Associates Dayne and Renz for WOWBatangas Models and WOWBatangas Tours respectively, doing our favorite pose. Uhm, alam nyo na. 😉

At syempre, hindi magpapahuli ang aming Admin Assistant na si Anna (in red). With of course, Master Alva. 🙂

Kapag nasa beach, masarap mag-emote.

At syempre, masarap magpapicture kapag may mga chikas. Haha.

Obvious bang nag-eenjoy kami sa Lobo beach?

Hawak ni Anna ang isdang inihaw namin para sa tanghalian + BBQ and adobo ni Daddy Mags (my dad) na sobrang bumusog sa amin. Yum!

Nadidiri, naaawa, o nagagalit? Ano ang reaksyon ni Gerlie nang walang awa n’yang hiniwa ang isda?

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Lobo Version). Haha. Alva and I usually do this, mag-away sa ere. 😀

Maybe a lot of you are wondering how we are in the office. We’re like family. We’re like a huge barkada doing business. And we mean serious business. But we know how to have fun. We are just one bunch of happy people. 🙂

This photo was taken at around 1:30pm. Yes, super sikat ng araw pero swerte kami at ang lakas din ng hangin. So presko pa rin. Kami ni Alva ang pasimuno sa pagpapapicture sa tanghaling kay init. Nagsunudan naman sila and yes, nag-enjoy din, in fairness. Haha.

Si Jhong Hilario! Ay, si Papa Alvs pala! Haha. Ganito kami kakulit. Masaya ba maging part ng WOWBatangas Team? I suppose you already know the answer. 😉

Lobo beach brought us so many reasons to be happy during our trip. The beach house, the clean water, the view of the mountain range on the side, the sand, everything! And yes, the company. It’s the right company that will make any trip memorable and happy.

See more of our Lobo trip photos on our WOWBatangas.com Facebook Page. As promised, coming next is our post about the Butterfly Beach House and how wonderful Lobo beach is. 🙂

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